Do New York Publishers Have Anything to Offer?

Under the traditional, print book publishing model, the big six New York publishers have had a strangle hold on the industry.  They’ve decide what gets published and when.  Of course, they do provide services such as production and distribution.  But at the same time, they provide limited advertising to midlist authors and pay them very little.

Now eBooks are beginning to dominate the publishing industry.

So, the question is posed: at a time when individuals can publish and distribute their own eBooks via reputable dealers such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and SmashWords, is there any reason to submit your work to a New York publisher?

Probably the biggest benefit the New York publisher provides to the reader is winnowing the chaff from the wheat.  Let’s face it, there are a lot of bad books out there.  Unfortunately, their resources are so limited that New York also ends up winnowing viable product along with the chaff because publishing the work might be risky or simply because the author is new.

The reason that publishers had a stranglehold on book publishing was because they controlled production and distribution.  And it cost a lot of money to produce a paper book, store it in your warehouse, and ship it to stores and customers.  This wasn’t something an individual could do for themselves.

This is not the case with eBook publishing.  Production can be entirely in the hands of the author.  Simple tools and Web based interfaces support the author through the creation of cover art, publication of the book, and distribution via the major eBook stores in the industry.  It’s even possible to find a relatively inexpensive editor to correct your work.

So, what’s left for New York to provide to justify their hefty salaries.  In a word, nothing.  Expect them to wither on the vine and drop off as Dorchestor Publishing is in the process of doing.

There.  I hope I’ve at least got you thinking about self-publishing.  Keep your eye out for additional material related to self-publishing and writing.

by Brian Jackson

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