eBook Pricing

Ever wonder why eBooks are sold at certain prices?  The following is a short explanation of eBook pricing.

Free This price is only available to self-publishers on Smashwords.  Amazon and Barnes & Nobel set a minimum price of $0.99 on self-published books.  Free books are offered by true publishers to lure customers into reading the first book of a series or a new author.

$0.99 This is the minimum price that a self-published author can set for a book.  The price is used for the same luring purpose as Free.  The problem with this price is that the author makes very little money since Amazon and Barnes & Noble only offer a 35% royalties on books priced under $2.99.

$2.99 This is the minimum price at which an author gets full royalties of 70%.  That’s $2.07 an eBook as opposed to $0.35 for a $0.99 eBook.  You’ve probably seen a lot of books priced at $2.99.

Other Other prices are used by publishers to sell books by the most popular authors who can actually generate sales.  Of course, much of the money is probably going to support the expensive New York publisher.

I hope this helps to explain why you commonly see certain eBook prices (especially in the self-publishing realm).

by Brian Jackson

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